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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You can call or text 813-245-4738. Texting is best and a quicker response.

What does it cost?

See our pricing table.

Do you discount multiple days chartered?

There is a 5% discount for multiple days.

What does our trip include?

We provide all live bait, tackle, license, insurance, gas, ice, and fish cleaning services.

What should I do for lunch?

Bring sandwiches, snacks and drinks to sustain you during the trip. We recommend bringing a good amount of water.

Can I split a charter with someone?

Absolutely! We offer split charters with other people all the time.

How many people can fish from your boat?

It is best to limit 4 people at a time but we can take up to 6 paying passengers on the boat.

What kind of fishing do you do?
Bay, inshore and flats fishing.
Do I have to bring my own tackle?
We provide all rods, reels, and tackle and misc. fishing equipment.
What about bathroom breaks?
We are never too far from a restroom. If needed, we can bring you to a bathroom at any time.
How do I book a trip?
You can call or text 813-245-4738. Texting is best and a quicker response.
What is your cancellation policy? Do I get my deposit back?
We have a weather policy of cancelling at the dock. If we cancel or reschedule the trip, we refund the deposit immediately.
What should I bring with on a trip?
Bring a snack/lunch, something to drink, sunscreen, and warm clothes if it is cold the day of your trip. It is always good to “layer” clothes. Rain gear is always a good idea and so are polarized sunglasses
How many fish can I keep to take home?
It depends on the species of fish caught. We comply with federal species, size and bag limits.
What is the best time to fish in your area?
We have a year round fishery in Florida that we are able to fish throughout the year.
Do I need a fishing license?
We provide licensing for your trip.
Should I tip?
Mandatory? No. Appreciated for providing the highest level of service? Yes
What are my payment options for a charter?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. In addition, we also take cash and checks.
What credentials are captains required to have?
Captains are required to have a Coast Guard issued license, First Aid/CPR certified, and all proper safety equipment required for a boat as well as insurance.
Can I take the family on a charter?
We are a private fishing charter company and families are welcome. A fishing charter with the family is great bonding time.
What type of clothing should I wear for the fishing charter?
Wear clothes that are comfortable for Florida weather conditions. Rain gear and jackets are encouraged as weather can change quickly in Tampa.
Will Tampa Fishing Charters clean the fish we catch so we can take it home?
We provide all the fish cleaning services at no additional charge. We will send it home in Ziploc bags on ice ready to be prepared and enjoyed. It is a good idea to bring an extra cooler to store your catch.
Can I have my catch mounted?
We provide services to have your fish mounted through our taxidermy service.
Can I bring my own rods and tackle on the trip?
We prefer our customers using our rods and tackle as they are pre-rigged and geared toward targeted species. However, if you have a lucky rod feel free to bring it aboard.
Is there anything we are not allowed to bring on a charter?
NO BANANAS! We will explain about the banana myth during your charter.
I am buying a boat soon. Can I book you to teach me the area?
Absolutely! We are happy to share all the hot fishing spots of the beautiful and abundant estuaries of Tampa Bay.
Are black soled shoes allowed on your boat?
Yes, your comfort comes first, however, if you have shoes with light colored soles it is preferred as black soled shoes leave scuff marks.
What time should I arrive for my scheduled fishing charter?
Five minutes before the scheduled pickup time on your reservation.
Will you teach me how to fish the local waters?
Absolutely! Teaching you the area waters and how to fish them is one of our greatest joys.
Where will we fish?
Depending on the type of fishing you like to do and the time of year that you schedule your charter, we may fish grass flats, creeks, artificial reefs, wrecks, beaches, and even residential canals and docks.
Can you accommodate large groups or corporate events?
We specialize in this service! With our network of skilled, qualified, licensed, and insured captains, we can accommodate almost any size group. We can also organize your own private fishing tournaments. Call us for details.
I can't swim. Can I still go on a fishing charter with you?
Yes, however, we would require that you wear a life jacket during the charter. We have the Coast Guard approved life jackets which are big and bulky so it is suggested that you bring your own life jacket for optimal comfort.
Do you employ a mate on the boat?
Yes, at no additional charge to our customers.
What type of boat do you have?
24 foot Trevco Tower Big Game Hunter. 24 1/2 foot Fishmaster Pro Bay Charter Equipped. 23 foot Sea Fox Tower/Tunnel Inshore Technical Flats Boat.
Do you have a cooler or do I bring one?
We have a cooler on board stocked with ice for you to keep whatever drinks or food you bring. No need to bring one on the boat, but I suggest you keep one in the car if case you plan on taking fish home for dinner.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes. We require a $150 deposit at the time of booking.
Am I guaranteed to catch fish?
Do I need fishing experience?
No fishing experience is necessary or required.

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