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Sheepshead Fishing Charters

In the colder months of the year when other fish are hard to come by you can always count on the Sheepshead to be biting in our waters. January and February are the best months to fish for this tasty fish. We find these fish in the Bay area in the around structures, residential canals, along rock channel edges, around docks and piers, and offshore near reefs. These guys can be a challenge to hook because they’re very willing to bite, but they’re nibblers. Snagging a Sheepshead can feel like a wild wild west high noon standoff at times. Especially when the school wises up to the fact your pulling their friends up on hooks. Sheepshead are a schooling fish so when you find one there is usually 15-20 more. Most Sheepshead in Tampa Bay are between 1 and 4 pounds, but can be found in the 8 to 10 pound range offshore.

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