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Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper is the go to fish for many fishermen in Tampa Bay. Mangrove snapper are the most abundant in Tampa Bay and can be found around most of our bridges, docks, sea walls, and rock piles. The Skyway Bridge is a known hotspot (and spectacular backdrop for photos), but we always find Snapper lurking in the shadows of the Gandy and Howard Frankland bridges waiting to ambush their prey as well. We love to chum the waters, create a frenzy, and practically watch the snapper take our bait! Our inshore snapper are generally between 10 and 20 inches, but don’t let their size fool you. These guys put up a good fight and are a thrill to catch! Reeling these sneaky little bait stealers in can be a challenge, but every challenge has its reward. In this case the reward is the fact that they are absolutely delicious to eat! Snapper is one of the best tasting fish in our waters.

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