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Snook Fishing Charters

Snook is one of the most sought after species in our the Tampa Bay area and for good reason. Snook like to ambush their prey so once you get them on the line they put up quite the fight and they often give their angler’s those thrilling acrobatic leaps out of the water! This makes this illusive fish an absolute thrill for any experienced angler and make it a “bucket list” catch for any novice fisherman. Pound for pound the snook is the toughest fish in our waters. Generally the snook we are between 3 and 15 pounds, but its not uncommon to snag a 20 to 30 pound one. Snook are usually found inshore and like to lurk at the mouth of inlets, mangroves, and behind bridge and pier pilings waiting to strike their prey coming down current. The abundance of inshore fishing here in Tampa Bay make this area renown for it’s Snook fishing.

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