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Trout Fishing Charters

The Spotted (or speckled) Sea Trout can be found in quantity in the shallow flats of Tampa Bay and they’re relatively easy to catch. The trout is definitely one of the tastiest fish that comes out of our waters making it a favorite catch of any angler, charter trip, local fisherman, or seafood lover! These guys are commonly caught from spring through fall on our shallow grassy flats, grass-lined channels and holes above oyster bars. During cold snaps, they run up coastal rivers or into slightly deeper waters. Most trout are between 15 and 23 inches long and aren’t much of a fight once you hook them. Once you locate one its safe to assume there are others in the area so its possible to get 15+ on the line during a trip. The trout’s size, availability, and tendency to bite make for a great day on the water that the whole family can participate in!

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